Innovation in Adelaide is happening. Three Adelaide based entrepreneurs, Leila Henderson, Michelle Perugini and Allison Nikola are creating dynamic inroads into the Australian industry of innovation. They had each transformed their own individual start-up companies into distinguished and successful disrupters of the market. Michelle Perugini is the head of Presagen, which incorporates the use of artificial intelligence in medical examinations. Allison has developed CareApp, a application which allows for easier communication between carers, residents of care facilities and their families. Leila has developed an automated news release platform allowing for those who work in media to schedule their media releases.

Adelaide is a city which has seen the deindustrialisation of some its primary labour based industries. They argue that emphasising a contemporary form of industrialisation is needed to combat that. This is where innovation and startups come in.

“There’s no end to innovation here in Adelaide” Leila Henderson, the head of Newsmaker an automated news distribution platform said in an interview with Talk Talk.

“It’s about how well you can scale [your start up]” Michelle said.

They collectively agreed that no Silicon Valley start up company expects to stay in Silicon Valley. Adelaide’s start up industry is not supposed to be relevant to just a local demographic. These entrepreneurs aims are to take their companies global.

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